Assuming the Worst of What Your Opponent Says

Update February 12, 2021:

I joined the Daily Wire to support her.

Original post:


I really don’t want to cancel Disney+, but if Disney doesn’t fix this…

It doesn’t matter what she meant, what is important is creating a reason to cancel her ‘cause she has wrongthink. They finally created a “sin” that allowed Disney to get rid of her.

P.S. Having said that, I just wish everyone would stop doing Nazi/Hitler/etc. comparisons (whether they are accurate or not).

Update: Based on modern rules, this means Lucasfilm and Disney are misogynists, right? They held a woman to a different standard?:

And, ouch:

Not to mention…

This guy is, rightfully, not impressed…

“The Girl Who Wouldn’t Back Down”

Drunk 3PO chimes in:

Fox News:

The Quartering:

Update February 12, 2021…

The Hodge Twins:

The Quartering again:

Drunk 3PO about the Gina Carano Daily Wire movie announcement:

Want to know what Gina has been up to since being an MMA fighter?

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