Review, Unboxing, and More: C. Crane CCRadio Solar

Here is an ordinary guy’s review of the soon-to-be-available C. Crane CCRadio Solar.


I love this radio. Finally, there is an emergency radio that isn’t cheesy, has awesome quality, and shows an intense focus on design, usability, and functionality.

I plan on buying one for all my children and siblings once they become available. Yes, I am that impressed (it’ll be seven).

I am a bit of an unscripted rambler, so if you want something concise, you may want to watch another review :-), or just the beginning of this one.

Here is a great, thorough written review from a knowledgeable, trustworthy person:

Here is the product page (once it becomes available):

Oh, before I forget. I received this pre-production model free for review.

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