True, Meaningful Resistence: Restore the Family

You should read the entire article, but…

Americans can revivify the family by rejecting that materialist worldview, upon which our stupid and/or evil overlords establish their power. This means, fundamentally, restoring dignity to the irrational aspects of home. Americans must change their thinking: the home is not a training ground for the workplace. It is the sanctuary of the soul, and the moral foundation of men. Anything else is a cheap imitation. So, practically, the recovery of family life begins by rejecting its cheap imitations. This means recovering those responsibilities long outsourced at the behest of the materialist authorities: the utility monster and the State.

Stop outsourcing your whole life. Do not send your children to be raised by strangers in the moral vacuum of Day Care. Educate them yourself. Grow your own food if you can, and reclaim your family’s health. We should do all of these things, not because it is useful, profitable, easy, socially acceptable, or rational by any modern standard. Instead, we should do these things because we have the existential duty to our children and aging parents to restore our broken intergenerational relations. Independence from the experts means interdependence within the family. Despite the fact that the raw value of familial bonds cannot be calculated, they matter the most, in ways that words cannot reach.

Obviously, our individual circumstances may mean we cannot do all Helen Roy suggests (as she even notes about growing our own food), but can anyone honestly believe that outsourcing what we have to the government has been good for those we love?

Much is in our control. Let’s restore the family to it’s rightful place ”for the children.”

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