Teaching Kids to Judge by the Color of the Skin

This is saddening more than it is aggravating:

This pair of tweets, included in the article, sums it up:

Let’s just assume Ernie and Bert are white. Would this be acceptable?:

Bert and Ernie

Folks, there is only one group that truly benefits from division, from setting group against group:

The elite.

If we are fighting each other we’ll ignore the fact they are corrupt, money-loving, power-hungry parasites.  But, at least we can allow them to ruin Sesame Street and cancel Dr. Seuss while we are each other’s throats.

”I have a dream” indeed.


P.S. Bigotry of all forms needs to be opposed. Sadly, how we do it can actually encourage it. Also, we need to start with the understanding that we personally are no better than other sinners, that we need to love everyone, and that we don’t even know our own intentions as well as we might think.

In case the original tweets disappear, here is an image of them:



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