Goodbye Major League Baseball (MLB)

No MLBI am truly pained to write what I am in this post.

I have never been much of a spectator-sport person. My parents didn’t watch it on TV, and I grew up in the middle of nowhere in a family without a ton of $$$, so the trek to watch professional sports was both too far and too expensive. I still have never gone to an NFL game.

But, I still had love in my heart for one major league sport: baseball.

Sadly, no more.

I also grew up in a world where sports were considered a no-politics zone, other than energetic nationalism (e.g. I still remember how wildly we cheered at a high school game in 1980 at the news that we beat the Russians in hockey at the Olympics).

It was bad enough last year when players and the league decided to embrace divisive race politics without (apparently) even a single thought for the cities they implicitly where encouraging the destruction of. Or the fact they can damn half the country that politically disagrees without nary a peep about the evils being done by the Chinese Communist Party (in the lucrative Chinese market that they are expanding partnerships in).

I was still looking forward to my subscription allowing me to catch Red Sox games.

But, how can I do anything to support an organization that now has clearly chosen sides? That has chosen to knee-jerk react based on misinformation? That is perpetuating lies?

I haven’t deleted my account yet, partially ‘cause I really don’t want to, and with hopes that Major League Baseball will realize their mistake, apologize, and return the All-Star game to the great city fo Atlanta (where I worked two years on the Olympics).

But, they’ve boxed themselves in and, given they acquiesced so swiftly to the woke mob (was it even two days?), could you imagine how unlikely it is that they could stand the blow-back if they said, “We misunderstood, we judged and moved too quickly, and…”?

Goodbye MLB. I will truly miss you. You were a big part of my childhood (I still smile at listening to games with my friends as we hung out in our garbage bag tents) and my work life (I ran an operations team that supported ticketing for 13 MLB teams).

I have fond memories and still care for so many folks who are employed by you (directly or indirectly).

But truth, fair judgment, and this great nation of ours are much more important.

MLB, please prove me wrong and fix this. Be the adult in the corporate woke playground.

Goodbye Major League Baseball.

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