When _____ Replaces Religion

Article snippetIn “Diary” by Andrew Sullivan in the 3 April 2021 issue of The Spectator (UK version), he wrote (after noting a recent Gallup poll that said religious association with churches/synagogues/mosques has dropped to 47% in the U.S. and that “for America, it is a seismic event”):

What we’re witnessing, it seems to me, is not a collapse in the religious impulse as such. The need to transcend, to find meaning, and purpose, is eternal for humans. What we’re witnessing is what happens when politics replaces or becomes a form of religion.

And a bit later, near the end…

These new religions lack only one thing: something transcendent that makes the failure in our lives redemptive, and that sees politics merely as the necessary art of attending to the imperfect and transient.

What do you think? Do you agree?

It’s not just politics that folks replace religion with, but it is definitely one of the most caustic (it seems to me). If atheists are right and there is nothing on the other side of this life, then I suppose it doesn’t matter (other than the prolific misery it brings for our relatively short, transient existences). But, if I am right, then it is trying to replace healing medicine with a deadly poison.

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