Being Reminded How Unimportant I Am

Before I start, I should say I love Waves’ audio plugins. You should buy them too! 🙂

However, it’s e-mails like these that remind me just how unimportant I am:

Waves e-mail

No true heartburn about their note (realistically, they have to be selective), but it’s like. “Hey, you interested in us treating you special? Wait, you are a nobody? Never mind.” 🙂

I post videos at least daily, but I do not have a “substantial, engaged following.” So…poof!…no “generous rewards”…nor “partnership,” for that matter.

Which is okay. I am not sure that fame is truly a blessing, regardless of venue. And, as much as I like free perks, with influencers…you are the commodity. You’ll never be my commodity. You are my neighbor.

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