Should Young People Be Vaccinated for COVID-19?

Not taking a side…each parent (or young adult) has to decide for themselves, but…

For college-aged students, the potential for adverse reactions to the COVID vaccination appear to outweigh the risks of the virus itself for that age group, said Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, a professor of psychiatry and director of the Medical Ethics Program at the University of California, Irvine.

Tour de France Crash

Wow and 🙁

However, I feel bad for the woman who caused it. What she did was a stupid mistake versus intentionally interfering with the race:

I am not saying she shouldn’t be held responsible, but that we all do dumb stuff, and maybe should show a little grace…

Of course, I also feel bad for the cyclists injured. Just a horrible thing all around. 🙁

Update June 30, 2021: She’s been found:

Update July 2, 2021: She won’t be charged:

F-15s and Nuclear Weapons

Yesterday, President Biden regrettably tried to argue against perceptions that the 2nd Amendment is also so we can protect ourselves from the government, noting it would be futile since we would never be allowed to buy all the arms the military has. You know, like F-15s and nuclear weapons.

Although I think it disingenuous to claim Biden was threatening to use either against U.S citizens, it was a dopey enough thing to say to warrant a ribbing. 🙂

Please ignore the over-the-top wording of the second article (which I do not approve of)…I just thought the title was funny. 🙂

BTW, I am in agreement with those who believe that the 2nd Amendment includes being able to defend ourselves from governments. Just think about what led to the American Revolution and, if that’s not enough, check out Article 10 in the New Hampshire’s Constitution’s Bill of Rights: Read More

Worth a Read…

“My road to cancellation”

This article is worth your consideration and time:

I Am of Two Minds About This

BTW, I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer)…so if you are wondering why I am of two minds, I am not an “anti-vaccer.”

Analog Summer?

Sometimes kids need to veg out,” I’d tell them. “Screens are OK (in moderation)!”

But Americans struggle with moderation generally…


Guess where I live… 🙂

You get the idea. A website,, catalogs these postings and reports that at least 39 companies are actively discouraging Colorado residents from applying. Why?

Well, companies say that the Colorado regulations are burdensome and costly to comply with. And publicly posting all salary information not only undercuts employees’ privacy but also could fuel discontent and conflict within the company. Given the fact that they have 49 other options (and more if you count Washington, DC, Puerto Rico, etc.) it’s easier for some companies to just not hire people from the state.

Not Buckling Under

Whether he is right or wrong, kudos to Eric Clapton for not buckling under do to adverse reactions to his views:

By the way, this is disturbingly true:

He also called out the pro-lockdown, pro-vaccine contingent’s use of “propaganda” and their “making it so that you’re responsible for other people’s lives” if you don’t do everything you’re told to do: “I could be labeled a murderer, and people would really believe that.”

Although I believe it was mostly on the “do what you are told” side, it seems COVID-19 brought out the worst of people when it comes to disagreements. There had to be something mentally or morally wrong with your “opponents,” they couldn’t have just weighed the evidence and come to a different conclusion.

And by connecting your personal choice to adversely affecting someone else (even remotely), they had an excuse for taking away your personal choice.



Update: An article about the reaction to the original RedState article:

BTW, that article points out that the original article was a derivative of the original RedState piece, which might be this:

The Death of Expertise

And the worst thing about killing 40% of small businesses (while making the largest ones even richer)? It does not appear the lockdowns had any significant benefit. Livelihoods destroyed for nothing. Well, at least nothing good.

Oh, the mask article it points to is also especially scary to a parent (if you read it you’ll see). However, it is anecdotal. I just wish we could trust the experts to actually provide us with a true reckoning of what it indicates.