Not Buckling Under

Whether he is right or wrong, kudos to Eric Clapton for not buckling under do to adverse reactions to his views:

By the way, this is disturbingly true:

He also called out the pro-lockdown, pro-vaccine contingent’s use of “propaganda” and their “making it so that you’re responsible for other people’s lives” if you don’t do everything you’re told to do: “I could be labeled a murderer, and people would really believe that.”

Although I believe it was mostly on the “do what you are told” side, it seems COVID-19 brought out the worst of people when it comes to disagreements. There had to be something mentally or morally wrong with your “opponents,” they couldn’t have just weighed the evidence and come to a different conclusion.

And by connecting your personal choice to adversely affecting someone else (even remotely), they had an excuse for taking away your personal choice.

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