COVID-19 Snark

Before I begin, let me say I am not against the COVID-19 vaccines and what I am about to share is just an anecdotal, personal experience (not proof of anything).

But, will you allow me a bit of pandemic snark?

President Biden tweeted this two days ago:

However, because my 13 year-old son got his second Pfizer shot the day before the President’s tweet, this his how my wife, he, and I celebrated Independence Day (and why we were unable to have our barbecue):

Son in ambulance

Should I tweet…

Here’s how we celebrated Independence Day, President Biden, thanks to your administration’s leadership. #BackTogether #WithAnAmbulance @WhiteHouse @POTUS

…with that picture?

What is the connection?

Biden’s administration has been part of a concerted effort to silence (or at least throttle) any discussion that might discourage anyone from getting immunized against COVID-19. Given how many cases my son’s hospital alone has seen, I am pretty sure the incidents of vaccination-related myocarditis or pericarditis in teenage boys is higher than they are saying.  Also, there is no simple, open information to compare that risk against the risk if he is not vaccinated (i.e. How likely is it he’ll catch COVID-19 and, if he did, what are the chances the symptoms would be as severe as what he is experiencing?)

I heard of this myocarditis potential in-between his two shots. Was I wrong for allowing him to get the second one?

No. It’s dopey to judge a decision by what you learn afterward.

However, if prior to the first shot I had come to you and asked, “What is more likely, my 13 year-old son having a significant adverse reaction from the vaccination or from COVID-19?” could you honestly feel confident in your answer? The concerted efforts of Big Tech, corporate medicine & pharmaceuticals, and governments mean it’s “Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead” with vaccinations for any group it has been approved for.

Yesterday, one of those torpedos hit my son, and he had level-10 chest pain, a trip to critical care, an ambulance ride, a visit to an emergency room, and the first overnight hospital stay of his life (with it unclear how many more nights he’ll be here).

Rear Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, assuming he actually exclaimed, “Damn the torpedos…” in the Battle of Mobile Bay, was right. Perhaps the equivalent COVID-19 vaccinations’ “full speed ahead” approach is equally correct, but we are not sailors under an officer’s command. We are individuals who should be allowed to have all the evidence and make the decision for ourselves.

Do I regret letting my son get vaccinated? Of course, sitting here in the hospital with him, I do…even though I know he’ll be fine. (Not only does he seem to be doing well and is receiving amazing care, we’ve been told nobody has died from this side effect.)

Was it the wrong decision? Maybe. Based on what I knew at the time, I don’t think so.

But this parent is fairly sure that those he trusted to provide all the evidence to inform he and his wife’s decision aren’t especially trustworthy in doing so.

Final, perhaps the most important note:

There are some truly bad people out there but, as a whole, we are all just imperfect sailors on this planet trying to make the best of a voyage through foggy waters. Don’t let this pandemic remove your ability to love and have compassion for those you disagree with. It seems from day one of the pandemic there has been an abundance of self-righteous judgment going on.

Those who do or don’t get vaccinated aren’t your enemy. Those who use crises like this for their advantage are.

Love, be compassionate, and make the best decisions you can.

Update: Actually, it does appear my son’s condition can be deadly.

Update: I should note that I don’t really blame the Biden administration for my son’s experience.

PLEASE NOTE: My reposting, quoting, or linking to items from social media, other sites, et cetera, does not equal endorsement. Please also see "What Really Matters."


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