“Lockdown killed my mother — and thousands like her”


From photojournalist Githen Chamberlain:

And after the funeral for his mother…

On Father’s Day, I spoke to my dad. ‘Are you doing anything nice?’ I asked. ‘Well, no, I’m still in quarantine after the funeral.’ ‘Quarantine? But the funeral was nearly two weeks ago.’ Since the funeral, Dad has been confined to a room barely 12ft by 12ft, without being allowed out for exercise or anything else. Like the other residents, he has been double-vaccinated. ‘They say they’ll let me out tomorrow. They said those were the rules.’

This is not “science.”

Before I wrap up, let me share a story from early in the reaction to the pandemic. A Twitter friend of mine shared that his dad had been in rehab, 30 days from going home. Then, all visitation was prohibited because of COVID-19, his spirits dropped, and he ended up being moved to hospice.

Gethin mom’s life was as important as anyone “saved” by anti-pandemic measures and I am pretty sure she’d be still alive if we were less lazy in developing sweeping rules that not only probably led to needless loss of life, but have caused so much misery and heartbreak.

If, in the aftermath, we claim, “We did our best,”…

No, no we didn’t.

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