Sticking It to the Man

You know, when I was growing up we had a lot of groovy terms. 🙂

One was “stick it to the man.” I don’t know if I ever used it, but it means resisting authority (and the connotation was the authority was unjust). Which leads me to…

In an earlier article, “Those Biden Chants,” I proposed that the “F Joe Biden” chants weren’t just about Joe Biden. Oddly enough, in the video/tweet example I used, the reporter was interviewing the winner of a car race. Out of discomfort, due to the clearly audible cursing she was unintentionally broadcasting, she claimed the crowd was chanting, “Let’s go Brandon” (Brandon Brown being the winning driver).

Well, out of that exchange, fighting The Man has a new, glorious saying. Here it is leveraged by a creative traveler at Chicago O’Hare Airport, in a way that would make Bart Simpson proud:

Now, I am of two minds with this. I don’t think euphemisms for swear words are necessarily kosher, but personally don’t consider “darn,” “shoot,” or “heck” bad. I would never join in a “F Joe Biden” chant, but you probably noticed how revealing my use of the adjective “glorious” above is.

It isn’t a “resistance” when you are aligned with authority in it’s various forms (government, Hollywood, big business, etc.) In that case, you are part of The Man.

Is The Man unjust or just? Should you stick it to him, or become a part of him?

Update: I saw this right after publishing:

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