Those Biden Chants

You should not swear. Point blank.

However, I think we may be oversimplifying the meaning of all the “F Joe Biden” chants that have broken out, mainly at sporting events (but not just there). For instance:


The easiest explanation is that more an more people think our President is doing a horrible job, and/or is an awful person, etc. (whether those are true or not).

But, is that all?

Or could it be an every-growing way of protesting all kinds of things we are sick of, but cannot say so in public? Things that pushing back against, even without a swear word, would cause us to be accused of racism, wanting to kill grandma, etc. (even though those accusations would be unfounded)?

Again, swearing is wrong. You should not do it. However, as was true in the communist USSR, if you prevent people from legitimately expressing their views, they find new, creative ways of doing so.

In that respect, I find comfort in the fact that “F Joe Biden” chants are increasing and that governments and their big business/sports/entertainment comrades haven’t figured out how to shut them down.

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