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Although I hope the Marines are kind, and don’t give him a dishonorable discharge, they cannot ignore what this guy did:

I don’t know if they have overcharged him, I suspect equal justice hasn’t been applied in other cases, and I don’t disagree with the point of his initial video that started it all, but as a former Navy guy, I can tell you that the American military would collapse if they allow this kind of insubordination.

And I respect Lieutenant Coronel Scheller for being willing to risk it all to say what needed to be said.

Update: A much more thorough review of the charges/etc.:

Update: It does look like the Marines chose to be kind:

“A military judge accepted on Thursday Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller’s plea and found Scheller guilty of all charges at his court-martial today at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune,” The Daily News reported. “Scheller’s lawyer earlier Thursday said he expects Scheller to receive a letter of reprimand. In court it was said Scheller could also forfeit two-thirds of his monthly pay, for up to 12 months. There are limitations on his potential punishment. Scheller may not be demoted, fined or punitively discharged.”

Final update:

The U.S. Marine who posted videos on social media criticizing military leadership and the Biden administration’s withdrawal of military assets from Afghanistan was issued a letter of reprimand and a forfeiture of $5,000 worth of pay for one month, after pleading guilty to all charges during his court-martial hearing this week.

Final, final update:

Okay…this seemed worthy of one more update. The judge also chided the Marines for locking Scheller up pre-trial, and leaking records to the pres:

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