Songs that Remind Me of My Children and Grandchildren

This song came up on one of my Spotify playlists (“Tusk and Bone” by Shaman’s Harvest):

Every time I hear it, I imagine the early conversation is me, Poppy, telling stories of old to my granddaughter. It makes me smile, because she makes me smile.

This is another song that I imagine I’m the grandfather, near end of life, answering his grandchild about whether he has been to heaven:

(BTW, the version of “Been Through the Water” by Kyle Matthews I fell in love with is this live one. I couldn’t find a video.)

Oh, it makes me smile too.  If you listen to the “conversation” between grandson and grandpa, you’ll understand why. 🙂

Finally, when I hear this tune (“Fade in, Fade out” by Nothing More), I imagine it is me singing the chorus to my oldest son. Why him? Dunno for sure, and I don’t want to overanalyze it:

I am blessed by God to have four wonderful children and one cuter-than-a-button granddaughter. If any of you ever see this, I love you more than the world…and I am proud of you.

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