Why Do We Trust the Media?

In my previous post, I linked to a Twitter thread by Bill Ackman which included these:

Bill Ackman tweet

I have always been frustrated to read an inaccurate press report about a subject I know well, yet somehow I continue to believe other articles in the same newspaper about subjects I know less well.

That does seem a pretty illogical (stupid?) thing to do: To trust that which has proven itself untrustworthy. (Especially if they do not admit their previous failures.)

There are no noble lies. “Fake news,” is evil, whether it helps your side, or not (or hurts the other side, or not). Yes, journalists can make honest mistakes, but at a minimum I suspect major media commits the sin of “too good to check,” and often is downright lying, because it fits their narrative.

If you are a good person, you should hate this that these lists from Brit Hume and Andrew Sullivan are so big, even if those hurt by them are the “bad guys”:

Your character is not really measured by how you treat your friend, but by how you treat your enemies.

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