COVID-19 Reaction Tide Turning?

As an overall summary statement of its present state, I agree with “it is a pandemic of bureaucracy”:

As Clay Travis’ embedded tweet notes, “The most impressive thing about Bari Weiss on last night’s Bill Maher is the wild applause after she finishes here.” It is liberal audience. They realize the corona virus totalitarian emperors have no clothes and are more willing to acknowledge it.

The video above is worth a watch, and his thread from Yossi Gestetner is worth a read:

In all this, I am reminded that politicians used to use “it’s for the children” as an excuse for whatever thing they wanted to do, even if the connection to children was as thin as a thread (or essentially non-existent).

I guess the kids no longer matter. We are damaging our children horrendously with our pandemic reaction…along with other untold devastation.

And “science” is an excuse. We aren’t following it.

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