Our Responsibilities to Others

Although tenuous “impact to others” has been been abused by those who…actually…want to control others (including you), we do have responsibilities to others. With that in mind:

Assuming it is true, and believing that (probably) the majority of what NYC is forcing on folks around COVID-19 is bogus, this is wrong.

  • You should be allowed to decide your own risk.
  • Your friends, aware of your condition, should be able to decide their own risk.
  • But, when the risk is not of the tenuous type that is abused, you should not be deciding others’ risk.  If accurate, Palin decided eating out was worth risking the health of the staff and patrons of the restaurants.

I tried to find the “other side of the story,” but I could not locate anything indicating Palin has responded; just this:

And, since it is behind a “you have to create an account to read it”-wall, I don’t know if “dodges” is legit.

If you have COVID-19, stay away from other people. Yes, we would not necessarily have done that with the common cold or the flu, but…let’s be honest…that is a reasonable request, isn’t it?

Final note: I am very disappointed in Palin, and her behavior hurts “her side” (and the side of us who believe much of the reaction to the pandemic is overblown, immoral, etc.)  However, the “punishment must fit the crime.” She shouldn’t be treated like she just committed murder.

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