“And remember that without the truth, we can be neither safe nor free.”

Once I respect a person, a form of loyalty kicks in, and it’s hard for me to give it up. Sadly, I am getting close to that with Mitt Romney. I grew to respect him during his presidential run, even attending his rally in Manchester, New Hampshire the night before he lost the election (if I remember correctly).

This tweet from yesterday isn’t the first thing he’s said or done that has disappointed me:

If I’m chatting with some guy at the local convenience store, I have no expectations his words will always be well thought out or well-informed. As for a tweet from someone as accomplished as Mr. Romney…those should reflect thorough consideration and accuracy.

Perhaps Tulsi Gabbard is incorrect. Perhaps part of that inaccuracy is Russian propaganda. But…

  • This country is not Russia, so we encourage free speech
  • Just because what you say is beneficial to your “enemy,” doesn’t make it wrong or verboten
  • Treason (“treasonous lies”) has very specific…extremely negative…connotations and Gabbard has not committed it

But, to be honest, that’s not why I am writing this post. After a very thorough rebuttal of Romney’s ill-advised tweet, Gabbard wrapped up with a line that needs to be repeated over-and-over:

Now, her suggestion that a politician should resign ‘cause he said something really stupid may not be reasonable (we’d have very few left if that was taken to heart), but…

”And remember that without the truth, we can neither be safe nor free” should be framed and put up on a wall.

Kudos former Congresswoman Gabbard!

P.S. Here are images of the exchange, in case any tweets disappear:

Romney tweet
Gabbard tweets Gabbard tweets

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