“The time is coming when anyone who kills you will think they are offering a service to God.”

The scariest thing about articles like this is that those who are doing evil are convinced they are doing good:

As Jonathan Turley notes:

Despite my strong support for Ukraine and condemnation of Putin, it is important for advocates of civil liberties and free speech to be vigilant in calling out such abusive measures. It is during wartime and periods of social discord that the greatest abuses can occur for those with dissenting or unpopular views.

Before addressing this latest controversy, it is also important to respond to rather fowhat has become a rationalization on the left for attacks on free speech in recent years: the First Amendment only protects speech from government crackdowns. The First Amendment is not the full or exclusive embodiment of free speech. It addresses just one of the dangers to free speech posed by government regulation. Many of us view free speech as a human right. Corporate censorship of social media clearly impacts free speech, and replacing Big Brother with a cadre of Little Brothers actually allows for far greater control of free expression.


When many artists opposed the Vietnam War, there was widespread support for their free speech rights in opposing blacklisting. The same was true during the McCarthy period. Now, the very same people who celebrate such struggles as defining moments in our history are seeking to cancel artists for their political views. In this case, Netrebko is not even being targeted for saying something offensive but rather for not repeating the position of the majority on the war. Years ago, I wrote that there was a dangerous trend toward compelled speech: “The line between punishing speech and compelling speech is easily crossed when free speech itself is viewed as a threat.” We appear to have crossed that line.

Being able to say what you believe (free speech) is a human right. If you don’t agree, you must at least believe not being forced to say something is a human right.


Finally, here is a quote from an NBC article Turley links to in his piece:

The Met also said it would construct its own sets and costumes for next season’s new production of Wagner’s “Lohengrin” rather than share them with Moscow’s Bolshoi Opera, as originally planned.

Depersoning Russians continues at full throttle.

P.S. The title of this post is part of John 16:2 in the New International Version. No, I am not saying what happened to Netrebco is equivalent, but it was what came to mind when I read about her situation. So much evil is being done by people who think what they are doing is righteous.


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