Review: “Top Gun: Maverick”

Top Gun: Maverick posterI’m going to keep it short and sweet: I enjoyed “Top Gun: Maverick” more than any movie I’ve seen in years.

Not only was it a respectful sequel to the original “Top Gun” movie, it was exquistily executed in every respect: the acting, the music, the aerial choreography, the sub-plots, etc. Tom Cruise is my favorite actor, and he continued to cement that status, but he didn’t have to carry the movie. The entire cast and crew clearly contributed to this masterpiece.

Tom, if you see this, the short introduction you provided was a gift. Something horribly frustrating happened not long before we got to the theater, and you broke through depressed mood. Thank you.

To everybody else, unless this movie genre just isn’t your cup-of-tea, you really should head to your local cinema to watch this.

A couple things before I wrap-up. First, a trailer for the movie:

Second, The Critical Drinker’s review (coarse language and spoiler alert warnings):

It’s worth watching The Critical Drinker’s review; I respect his opinions more than any other movie reviewer, he provides specific reasons why it is a great movie, and he is entertaining. The description for his YouTube video, as I write this, is:

Top Gun: Maverick is everything I could have wanted in a sequel to one of the most epic 80’s movies of all time. Join me as I review it.

Go see “Top Gun: Maverick.” 🙂

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