Day 13: DJI Fail, but Don’t Blame Them Yet (July 15, 2022)

So, I figured I’d compare GoPro’s Time Warp (on a GoPro HERO 10) to DJI’s Hyperlapse (on a DJI Action 2), both on auto.

So I rode the same loop yesterday and today. The GoPro results are in yesterday’s 30 Days of Cycling post, and here is how the DJI one turned out:

Notice the problem? 🙂

It stopped shortly after I started bicycling.  I am not yet willing to blame DJI, but I don’t see how it could be me. (Also, there may have been a legit reason the Action 2 had to stop, but I wouldn’t have seen it.)

Either way, I will try again!

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