Day 19: Pushed It a Bit Too Hard (July 21, 2022)

Day 19 of 30 Days of Cycling as toward Byers again.

This is me, just before I left first thing this morning:

Alan on his bicycle

And this is looking back at the halfway point:


Sadly, the perspective of the photo above does not do justice to the hill that I had to go back up in order to return home. Let’s just say that I got most of the way up it, but had some symptoms that meant it best to stop. Probably nothin’ other than not being in shape enough for the hill (and the eastward wind adding a decent amount to the effort), but I’m going to get checked out to make sure that is all it was.

And, unless they tell me otherwise, I’ll be back on my bicycle for day 20 tomorrow!

P.S. As much as it hurt my male ego, I rested a bit, walked up the remainder of the hill (with still a really high heart rate), and then rode the rest of the way home.

BTW, one of the symtopms was my heart rate hit 166, something I’ve never seen before. I am 58 and considering I am out of shape, that’s probably not the greatest thing based on this from the American Heart Association:

Maximum heart rate is generally calculated as 220 minus your age. That would make mine 162, so 166 isn’t horribly above that. But, at that point in time, it felt somewhat horrible. 🙂

UPDATE: The EKG and blood test all came back good. The critical care doctor said I can do what I am doing, but should listen to my body.

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