Day 21: Creation Is a Blessing

I figured I’d still take it a bit easier after Thursday’s “fun” ride, so I headed north on Strasburg Road. Trip out: no problem. Trip back: well…harder than I expected. On the surface (based on Thursday and today), it seems that my body does not start back up well after I stop for a drink. Hmmm…

Regardless, here are some pictures from my turn-around point today. First is a look northeast:

Farm trees

Here is a panorama that from due west to due east (you can click on it for a larger version):

West to east panorama

Here are some flowers that I noticed on the side of the road just before I climbed back on the bicycle to head home (and why I said creation is a blessing):


And, finally, if you are interested, the Apple Fitness stats from today’s ride, which show a maximum heart rate of 162:

Apple Fitness bicycle ride stats

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