What Is “Woke?”

A key quote from Jennifer Sey’s article:

I believe there is bigotry in the world — there is racism, and sexism, and homophobia and all of it.

But I do not believe that every challenge we face can be defined in these simplistic terms.

I believe if we do define every problem in these terms we miss the opportunity to solve them, to take real and meaningful action to course correct.

I would suggest that not only do “we miss the opportunity to solve them,” “woke” approaches often (usually?) make the problem worse.

Please read the entire article…

Same Disease, Different Symptoms

BTW, if we all have the same disease, that should give us compassion for fellow sufferers, not judgmentalism.

Speaking of sin…

Trader Joe’s Haul

Although I’ve been Trader Joe’s in California, today my youngest and I went to one in the Denver area for the first time (specifically, in Parker, Colorado).

My wife has been away helping with the grandkids, so I have had more reason to grocery shop, and I can tell you, for the same $$$, I would have never gotten as much as is pictured at the closest chain grocery store. $154 total…but it would have been less than $120 if I hadn’t purchased four bags.

Oh, and bonus, they are in the same plaza as a MOD Pizza!!!

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Final note: Employees at both Trader Joe’s and MOD Pizza were awesome.

Censorship-Industrial Complex

Great article by Matt Taibbi today:

“The Democrats’ Disastrous Miscalculation on Civil Liberties”

As he notes at the end…

Instead of facing the boiling-ever-hotter problem underneath, the managerial types decided — in the short term only, of course — to mechanically deamplify the discontent, papering things over with an expanding new bureaucracy of ‘polarization mitigation,’ what Michael calls the Censorship-Industrial Complex. Instead of opening society’s doors and giving people roles and a voice, those doors are being closed more tightly, creating an endless cycle of anger and reaction.

Making a furious public less visible doesn’t make it go away. Moreover, as we saw at the hearing, clamping down on civil liberties makes obnoxious leaders more conspicuous, not less. Democrats used to understand this, but now they’re betting everything on the blinders they refuse to take off, a plan everyone but them can see won’t end well.

Of course, even if it did “end well,” it would be wrong…and regardless of whether their intent is noble.