A Bulgarian Doing a Bulgarian

Have I told you how much I hate Bulgarians? Not the people, the exercise! (Bulgarian split squat.)

Well, I figured I’d try an AI image generator to get a Bulgarian doing a Bulgarian. Being a total newbie, I got some interesting results, but nothing close to a Bulgarian doing a Bulgarian. Until…

The final prompt was an image I found on the web of someone else doing a Bulgarian with me adding the following prompt: “bulgarian soldier with handlebar mustache in 1884 parade uniform doing Bulgarian split squat photo realistic.”

A Bulgarian doing a Bulgarian

Not perfect (e.g. the back foot should be up on the bench), but pretty impressive Midjourney. 🙂

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Big Dad Ritch’s Testimony

This is an inspiring Christian testimony from Big Dad Ritch of the Texas Hippie Coalition. I recorded it during the “The Name Lives On” release party at the Wild Goose Saloon in Parker, Colorado on Friday, April 21, 2023.

In the video, the actual song follows the testimony. Be sure to listen to it on official THC released version. It’ll sound better without all the bar noise, and it’ll support the band!

Please be sure to comment…I’m interested in your take on what he says.

P.S. This is the thought for today it inspired:

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