“Fitness Is Perishable”

I finished True Believer by Jack Carr last night (2nd book of the Terminal List series). This was toward the end:

Quote from Jack Carr book

Yes. Fitness is perishable. It’s also takes time to resurrect. I’m tryin’ to!

Happy Saturday and a belated Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

The Tysons Corner Hilton was their destination for the night and both Reece and Freddy, whose bodies were operating on the assumption that it was long past midnight, opted to skip dinner and head to bed. Thanks to the time difference, Reece was wide awake at just after 4:00 a.m. and couldn’t make himself go back to sleep. He hadn’t packed workout clothes or athletic shoes, so he made do in his room wearing the T-shirt and boxer briefs he’d slept in. After a few minutes of stretching, he knocked out a hundred burpees, leaving him soaked in sweat. It felt good to move. Fitness is perishable.

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