Hat Tip

Cowboy doing a hat tipAlthough sometimes I’ll call out direct hat tips (e.g. if something was especially unique or my entry leverages multiple items from the original article), this page’s purpose is to acknowledge that much of what I post is due to visiting these sites regularly (and, generally, in this order):

If you aren’t of a conservative mindset, you might find the first four a bit aggravating and, although I like giving credit where credit is due, my linking to them does not mean I endorse all the say or do (or how they say or do).

But, I am greatly appreciative for the informational services they provide. They aren’t the only sites I frequent, but they are the main ones.

PLEASE NOTE: My reposting, quoting, or linking to items from social media, other sites, et cetera, does not equal endorsement. Please also see "What Really Matters."