Two Articles About Parler

The thing that kills me with articles that might otherwise be on point is that they often say things matter-of-factly that are, at least, up for debate (if not downright false). For instance, in the second article:

That’s not to say you should shed a tear for Parler, whose “free speech” mantra is often just a veneer for hate…

Just a veneer for hate? Are they trying to say Parler had some purpose around promoting hate?

Reality is: People are hateful. If you give people true, free speech (a principle this country was founded on), there will say hateful things. On the left. On the right.

But, if never read anything with a prejudicial comment like that, I would never read anything. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone. No hate for you from me, even if you disagree 100% with me. 🙂


You may disagree with some of the conclusions, but this is a reasoned article:

Although not the focus of the piece, I found this discussion especially interesting:

I used to do these kinds of exercises with my students a lot…what’s the difference between a “clan chief” and a “warlord”? Well, if he’s on your side he’s a clan chief. If he’s on the other guy’s side he’s a warlord. In American domestic politics, what’s the difference between “special interests” and “interest groups”? Nothing. Again, it just depends on which group you favor. If you like the groups’ goals, they’re just an “interest group”. If you don’t agree with their goals, they’re a “special interest.” Rhetoric is used to paint a mental image using words. “Special interests” and “warlords” are BAD. “Interest groups” and “clan chiefs” are GOOD. I always think of George Carlin’s routine about baseball versus football (if you’ve never heard it, go find it. It’s hysterical and a good lesson in rhetoric).

As I’ve said, the true measure of a person is not how they treat their friends, but how they treat their enemies. That includes the words you choose to describe them, their actions, etc.

P.S. So you don’t have to look up the video… 🙂

Impossible vs. Possible

Okay…one more quote from my devotional reading this morning. Don’t worry, I won’t do this every morning. 🙂

We would think a man insane who, instead of covering his house with a roof and putting windows in his window frames, goes out in stormy weather, and scolds the wind, the rain, and the clouds. But we all do the same when we scold and blame the evil in other people instead of fighting the evil which exists in us. It is possible to get rid of the evil inside of us, as it is possible to make a roof and windows for our house. This is possible. But it is not possible for us to destroy evil in this world, just as we cannot order the weather to change and the clouds to disappear. If, instead of teaching others, we would educate and improve ourselves, then there would be less evil in this world, and all people would live better lives.

A Calendar of Wisdom: Daily Thoughts to Nourish the Soul, Written and Selected from the World’s Sacred Texts by Leo Tolstoy (translated by Peter Sekirin)

“A Morning Ritual”

”TheAsk yourself the following first thing in the morning:

  • What am I lacking in attaining freedom from passion?
  • What for tranquility?
  • What am I? A mere body, estate-holder, or reputation? None of these things.
  • What, then? A rational being.
  • What then is demanded of me? Meditate on your actions.
  • How did I steer away from serenity?
  • What did I do that was unfriendly, unsocial, or uncaring?
  • What did I fail to do in all these things?”


The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living by Ryan Holiday

The Thinker LEGO sculpture by Nathan Sawaya

I used a service/app called Canva to do a background removal, so I can use Nathan Sawaya’s “The Thinker” LEGO sculpture as the “emoji” for posts where I want to get people to think about something. 🙂

The Thinker LEGO sculpture by Nathan Sawaya

Please check out what it looked like before (along with many of his other sculpures) in this earlier post from our visit to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.

Oh, I am very impressed at how effective and simple Canva’s background remover was. Literally a single click. Okay, two…I had to choose “Effects” first. 🙂

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