“‘Dishonest NONSENSE’: EPIC thread uses actual data to DRAG gun-grabbers like Everytown for ‘inflating’ school shooting numbers to scare people”

This is worth a read. It does not mean we don’t have a gun violence issue. Instead, you should read it, because truth matters.

F-15s and Nuclear Weapons

Yesterday, President Biden regrettably tried to argue against perceptions that the 2nd Amendment is also so we can protect ourselves from the government, noting it would be futile since we would never be allowed to buy all the arms the military has. You know, like F-15s and nuclear weapons.

Although I think it disingenuous to claim Biden was threatening to use either against U.S citizens, it was a dopey enough thing to say to warrant a ribbing. 🙂

Please ignore the over-the-top wording of the second article (which I do not approve of)…I just thought the title was funny. 🙂

BTW, I am in agreement with those who believe that the 2nd Amendment includes being able to defend ourselves from governments. Just think about what led to the American Revolution and, if that’s not enough, check out Article 10 in the New Hampshire’s Constitution’s Bill of Rights: Read More