I Am Published!

Okay, what I really should have said is, “I paid somebody to publish me, and it’s only a tract…”

But I am still pretty excited that this arrived from the printer today!:

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You can read essentially the same text as a single web page on the front page of Gospel.Claims.

I don’t have a ton of the tracts, but please contact me if you would like me to send one (or some) your way. (Contact info is also in the footer of this page.)

Oh, a big thank you and kudos to PrintMyTract.com (AKA Moments with the Book). They were tremendous to work with, and I will be partnering with them to publish more tracts in the future. (If your are interested, you can order this tract from them, with the last page yours to modify: “You Must Choose.”)

Can you do me a favor? Please pray that God will be able to use these to help bring people to Jesus.

P.S. Please understand that any time you try to explain the infinite with finite words, the result will be imperfect (especially when adding in the humanity of the authors). The approach this tract takes to explain a portion of the gospel does not give the full view of a God who not only offers you salvation, He offers you friendship. (See John 15:15.)

Also, remember if you’ve seen Jesus, you’ve seen the Father. (See John 14:9.)

One last thing, I am the primary author, but my good friend Uriel deserves credit too. God has blessed me with the wonderful brother in Christ.


It’s just barely up, a “minimum viable product,” and probably can use a good proof-reading :-), but please check out Gospel.Claims, a new gospel tract site for a ministry a friend and I have started:

Gospel.Claims logo

There is a lot more to it, but essentially…

  1. It’s all about Jesus
  2. Salvation is easy
  3. It is important; you cannot avoid making a choice

Please visit Gospel.Claims to see where it goes from there…



This is the first post on Nibbles Ninja. I am Alan Fahrner, and I’ll use this site (generally) to post quick thoughts, quotes, etc.


This is the symbol for Nibbles Ninja:

Nibbles Ninja logoHealthy dialogue is balanced and colorful. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a worldview and perspectives affected by it, but it does mean I value you and your views, even if they differ.

And who knows, if you are interested and believe in balance too, you may become an author on the Nibbles Ninja too.



Alan Fahrner

P.S. By “healthy dialogue is…colorful,” I do not mean foul language. Instead, views should be like a palette of many hues, tints, tones, and shades instead of an echo chamber.