Trust in the Modern Age

As we consider whether it is appropriate for the government to flag misinformation for social media companies to censor/etc., this is an important thread from Glenn Greenwald (you have to click through to Twitter):

Although I am not a fan of some of the commentary in it, this article brings all (most?) of the thread together.

This is an especially important point for people who say the First Amendment only applies to the government, not to private companies. That is true, but…

If it is done under government pressure (even if the private businesses agree), then it is unconstitutional.

And, in the modern age, there is no reason to trust the government, Big Tech social media, nor the media with the power to censor. (Greenwald’s thread speaks to this too.)

Welcome Back Parler

I’m @JegErAlan on Parler should you want to connect there…

Hopefully, this means Big Tech failed in silencing them and all of their users…

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Two Articles About Parler

The thing that kills me with articles that might otherwise be on point is that they often say things matter-of-factly that are, at least, up for debate (if not downright false). For instance, in the second article:

That’s not to say you should shed a tear for Parler, whose “free speech” mantra is often just a veneer for hate…

Just a veneer for hate? Are they trying to say Parler had some purpose around promoting hate?

Reality is: People are hateful. If you give people true, free speech (a principle this country was founded on), there will say hateful things. On the left. On the right.

But, if never read anything with a prejudicial comment like that, I would never read anything. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone. No hate for you from me, even if you disagree 100% with me. 🙂