Day 1: Back on the Bike! (July 3, 2022)

Although I am posting this the next day (and pre-dating the entry to match its recorded date), here is the video from my first ride of 2022…and since I got my hernia operation in early June:

Day 1 of “30 Days of Cycling!” Since I am recovering from the surgery, I have to take it easy…so I am going to count if I get at least 15 minutes in. My goal is, by end-of-summer, to be back in shape enough to do the round trip to the Bryer’s Country Store to get a meatball grinder. 🙂

Regardless, it felt good to get out there!

Alan, Remember to Do This!

I am horrible at not stretching before exercising. So, I am posting this as a “no excuse not to at least do this” reminder. 🙂

Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups

Even when I was in extremely good shape, I could never do a chin-up or pull-up. Sometime next year I will be able to, thanks to these…

Pull-up bands

And I mean I’ll be able to do chin-ups and pull-ups without the bands. 🙂

(Yeah, it was with a heavy assist, but it felt so great to do both this morning.)

Zuby & Nutrisystem

Okay folks, I am going to get serious and lose some weight. Can you believe that, this morning, I clocked in at 252.4 pounds?! 🙁

Nutrisystem logo

Strong Advice book coverMy approach this time? Nutrisystem’s Uniquely Yours Max+ plan and following guidance from Zuby’s book, Strong Advice: Zuby’s Guide to Fitness for Everybody.

The first week of Nutrisystem is pretty tight (1,000 calories per day), but Zuby’s “strong advice” is one of calorie reduction (calories in less than calories out) and exercise.

Which I did this morning. 🙂

(I should note that Zuby’s book does not recommend such a low number of calories…instead he would just shave off 20% of what my body needs to maintain its weight. 20% is the highest he recommends, and it’s for us…errr…folks with the greatest opportunity to shed pounds.)

Either way, join me on my journey? I did snap some before pictures, but I think I will save the embarrassment of sharing those until I have a couple of decent “during” ones to go with them. 🙂