Goodbye Sunny, We Love You

One of our two oldest cats, Sunny, made his last trip to the vet yesterday due to a terminal illness. 🙁 These are a few relatively recent pictures, plus one I thought was kind a funny from a couple years ago.

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Thank you God for giving us so a wonderful family member, and thank you Sunny for all the love and chain saw purring. 🙂

Happy Kitty

Another post that appears to have gotten stuck in draft mode from who-knows-when. 🙂

I figured that if I was going to have a desk cat, there should be a desk bed:

Cat in cat bed

Sunny agrees. 🙂

P.S. Right now it’s only about $25 on It is both a scratching pad and a bed.

Choosing a Radio Station

All I can say is to choose the station you will be listening to wisely if you cannot reach the radio and furry family members are going to snuggle on your lap.

And don’t get me started about using the bathroom first…

Gloria and Pickles

P.S. However, you can turn up your iPad Pro and take a recommendation from The Oak Ridge Boys:

And the dude is now singing my favorite hymn! (“In the Garden.”)

Cats Are Watching You

The report described how cats draw “mental maps” that lead them to their owner, based just on their hyper-sensitive hearing abilities.


Researchers say the study challenges the notion that dogs are more interested in their owners’ whereabouts than cats.

Yeah. The difference is cats are doing it as part of their plans to kill us.

“Is Your Cat Actually Satan? 9 Things To Look For”