Trader Joe’s Haul

Although I’ve been Trader Joe’s in California, today my youngest and I went to one in the Denver area for the first time (specifically, in Parker, Colorado).

My wife has been away helping with the grandkids, so I have had more reason to grocery shop, and I can tell you, for the same $$$, I would have never gotten as much as is pictured at the closest chain grocery store. $154 total…but it would have been less than $120 if I hadn’t purchased four bags.

Oh, and bonus, they are in the same plaza as a MOD Pizza!!!

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Final note: Employees at both Trader Joe’s and MOD Pizza were awesome.

Review: “Top Gun: Maverick”

Top Gun: Maverick posterI’m going to keep it short and sweet: I enjoyed “Top Gun: Maverick” more than any movie I’ve seen in years.

Not only was it a respectful sequel to the original “Top Gun” movie, it was exquistily executed in every respect: the acting, the music, the aerial choreography, the sub-plots, etc. Tom Cruise is my favorite actor, and he continued to cement that status, but he didn’t have to carry the movie. The entire cast and crew clearly contributed to this masterpiece.

Tom, if you see this, the short introduction you provided was a gift. Something horribly frustrating happened not long before we got to the theater, and you broke through depressed mood. Thank you.

To everybody else, unless this movie genre just isn’t your cup-of-tea, you really should head to your local cinema to watch this.

A couple things before I wrap-up. First, a trailer for the movie:

Second, The Critical Drinker’s review (coarse language and spoiler alert warnings):

It’s worth watching The Critical Drinker’s review; I respect his opinions more than any other movie reviewer, he provides specific reasons why it is a great movie, and he is entertaining. The description for his YouTube video, as I write this, is:

Top Gun: Maverick is everything I could have wanted in a sequel to one of the most epic 80’s movies of all time. Join me as I review it.

Go see “Top Gun: Maverick.” 🙂

Recommended: Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

A little while back Augie and I had a hankerin’ for pizza, but wanted to try something new. We drove a bit, only to discover our destination was take out only.

So, we went next door to Dickey’s Barbecue Pit.

It. Was. Great!

As I put in the Google review:

Although a bit more expensive than normal fast food, it is also a lot better quality. Big thumbs up from the whole family!

Nice employees too. 🙂

Update: Adding a picture from a later visit…although I already had eaten some of it…so you can see the portions are plenty large.

This restaurant has become a family favorite, thanks to the food and the people.

Plate of food

The update was from today.

If you have a Dickey’s Barbecue Pit nearby…and you’re not a vegetarian :-), you should go check it out!

Huge kudos to the folks at the Tower Road location in Denver. Thanks for always being so awesome.

Why You Should Read “Why Would Anyone Follow Jesus?”

Why Would Anyone Follow Jesus?: 12 Reasons to Trust What the Bible Says about JesusWhy Would Anyone Follow Jesus?: 12 Reasons to Trust What the Bible Says about Jesus by Ray Comfort
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

As I lay here with a cat laying on my left arm and a dog resting under my right, I have a renewed hope that I’ll finally go out and evangelize as I should. Not only have the 12 chapters (and “Final Word”) of Why Would Anyone Follow Jesus?: 12 Reasons to Trust What the Bible Says about Jesus given me additional tools to do so, but Ray’s openness near the end is inspiring and encouraging:

“At the best of times, I’m not excited to witness to the lost. In fact, I never have any joy when I’m about to share the gospel. Rather, I have a measure of controlled fear.”

If what has been holding me back hasn’t held him back for 40 years, I can do this, and so can you. (By the way, he then goes on, “But I never fail to bubble with joy afterward…”)

Who are the audiences for this book? Both the saved and the unsaved.

Image from

– If you aren’t saved, you’ll be given ample reason to reconsider while not insulting your intelligence.
– If you are a brother or sister in Christ, you’ll be reminded why you believe, be provided tools for reaching others, and get a kind, but pointed, reminder that if you truly believe what you claim, you have to stop ignoring the lost souls God is putting in your path.

It is a relatively short book, enjoyable, and easy to digest. Reading Ray’s words are like listening to a caring, wise uncle. Regardless of whether you are a Christian or not it is worth your time. At worst, you have “lost” some hours of your life, this side of eternity. However, if Ray is right (and he is), you could…instead…gain eternal life on the other side.

Final comment: I especially appreciated the Witness Encounters. At first, I thought they were “padding” the book, but quickly realized their tremendous value. If you don’t believe, they’ll help answer your objections. If you do, then they’ll provide invaluable insights on how to spread the gospel.

Thank you Ray. To God be the glory.

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Just What I Hoped For (Monitor Shelves)

Although I have a huge desk (that can be a normal or standing one), it gets cluttered quickly. So, I went on, hoping to find shelves I could put on top of the monitors to get certain, extremely important items off my desk:

Monitor shelf Monitor shelf

I am very impressed with the “[2 Pack] Monitor Top Shelf Mounts Stand TV Computer Monitor Office Desk Partition Storage Box Stand.” Not only do they accomplish exactly what I needed, their design is impressive and they are well-built.

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5 Stars: Rosie’s Diner in Monument, Colorado

Just posted this review on Google Maps Reviews:

We were a hike from home, and wanted to grab lunch before returning. From the moment we walked in, we knew we made the right decision choosing Rosie’s Diner.

Awesome food, atmosphere, and prices! Not to mention, our server, Mimi, was the icing on the cake.

It’s far away from where we live, but we’ll be back

And it was well-deserved!

My Thoughts About HostGator

Punch line? I like them. A lot!