The Problem with Intellectual Arguments for Jesus

I’m a member of the Why Would Anyone Follow Jesus? launch team. Nothin’ special other than me preordering the book by Ray Comfort and then asking to join. 🙂

As part of it it, I get access through NetGallery to a pre-release version. Great stuff already, and this really jumped out at me:

Book quote

Here’s the problem with addressing the human intellect. If somebody is talked  into faith through and intellectual argument, all it will take is a better intellectual argument to talk them out of their faith.

I think it important to state that Comfort is not making an argument against providing intellectual reasons to believe (he was doing that very thing prior to the quote I provided). Instead, he is pointing out that intellectual arguments have their limits:

However, when the new birth comes to an unbeliever, the moment someone truly believes, they are transformed into a new person (see 2 Cor 5:17).

And Ray elaborates more from there.

I believe the book is due to be released on March 8. You should preorder it too. 🙂

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Unaware, we pass “Him” by

The image is from a gem of a book I found at Tri-Lakes Consignment in Palmer Lake, Colorado (The Story of the Christmas Guest as Retold by Helen Steiner Rice).

If you are a Christian, this may have extra special meaning to you. However, it is a reminder to everyone to not postpone helping others. The need is now, not when we can conveniently fit it in our schedules.

Often, it takes very little to make someone’s life better. A caring ear, a smiling face, a willing hand.

May God bless you all as we head into the work week…

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