“But judicial appointments aren’t an objective competition.”

Worth your read:

Personally, I think that given two otherwise equal candidates, diversity adds value and is reasonable to consider. However, straight up saying you will only choose <enter your intersectional group here> is bigotry.

In the end, I am 100% with Eugene Volokh here:

And more importantly, to the extent I’m right (or to the extent President Biden is right), no-one can have any confidence about that unless rival views can be freely aired, both at the outset and in response to disagreements such as this one. If people are fired from law schools for expressing either side (or for an ill-chosen word in a Tweet expressing either side), then we can’t have that confidence. The view that dominates will dominate because of fear and suppression, not because people have actually seen the best arguments on both sides. And I don’t want that even for the view that I happen to think is correct.

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