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Kind ‘a seems to explain their silence about China’s human rights abuses and their treatment of Ener Kanter Freedom, eh?

“Why is Canada euthanising the poor?”

When folks tell you that the slippery slope argument is bogus, examples like this show that if far from always true:

What the article shares is shocking…



Bad Things Are Still Bad When “Good” People Do Them

Please check out this article at the NY Post:

Russia’s parliament passed a law Friday that criminalizes “fake” news — and carries a prison sentence of up to 15 years — for journalists who contradict the country’s official statements about the Ukraine invasion, according to officials and reports.

Under the law, which is set to go into effect Saturday, journalists face the potential whopping jail sentence for intentionally spreading “false” information — including using such words as “war” and “invasion” to describe the Russian attack.

Of course, criminalizing fake news is totally bogus, but I imagine many who are aghast at the mov have no issue with calls to fight misinformation here in the U.S. (and in other Western countries). It’s from the same spirit.

“But, this is different, because it directed at journalists!,” you might exclaim. Well…

Citizens who aren’t members of the media also face criminal charges and fines of up to $44,740 for reposting articles on social media that contradict or criticize the Kremlin’s depiction of the war, according to the paper.

The only difference in this case is they went straight to journalists too. Also, don’t forget how the NY Post was censored by Twitter during the 2020 presidential election when the had a story that hurt Biden. (“But that was a private business, not the government!,” you’ll insist. That is a meaningless distinction when the government is pushing private businesses to do more to combat misinformation. Right now it may not be with threats of arrest, but there are many more ways for politicians in power to punish those who don’t do their bidding.)

One more quote, before I wrap up (also from the NY Post):

Former US ambassador to Russia Michael McFaul said Friday the move showed desperation by Putin, who is said to be holed up in the Ural Mountains, fuming at the resistance his army is facing in Ukraine — and at home.

“Obviously Putin is shutting these people down because he is afraid. He wouldn’t be shutting them down if everything was going peachy keen,” McFaul said during a call with reporters and experts hosted by Stanford’s Cyber Policy Center. “This is an indicator of his state of mind.”

“They are afraid,” could be said of those trying to shut down misinformation, fake news, etc. over here too. They wouldn’t be treating misinformation as the ultimate boogeyman “if everything was going peach keen.”

Evil tools are still evil when used by “good” people with “good” reasons and “good” intentions.

But, let’s be honest, anybody who tries to shut down free speech (versus respond to it) is probably not good (and does not have good reasons or good intentions). They have selfish ulterior motives.

Improving Your Decision Making

I don’t know if this is a “noble lie,” but…

  • If true: More kudos to Zelensky
  • True or false: Great advice for every politician…actually, for every human being

Image, just in case the tweet disappears: Read More

Kudos to Elon Musk




What to Do?

Ukrainian flagYou’ll see previous posts of support for the Ukraine and its people.

And I do support them.

But, I’ll be honest. I don’t know what we should do.

I can tell you things we have done wrong, and might be able to identify a couple things we definitely shouldn’t do…

But I can only suggest one thing we should definitely do: Pray.

Well, that implicitly means we should care too.

And pray for the Russians too. They are also losing husbands, mothers, sons, and daughters due to the evil of war.

P.S. One thing we shouldn’t do is trust those who don’t have skin in the game or benefit from armed conflict.

Restream and the Ukraine

Restream logo

About 5PM tonight, I got this in an e-mail from Restream (with a subject of “ Restream stands in solidarity with Ukraine”:

Dear Restreamer,

My name is Alex, and I’m the co-founder and CEO of Restream. I’m also a father, husband, and above all today, a proud Ukrainian.

As you likely already know, yesterday Russian forces conducted airstrikes all across Ukraine, including Vinnytsia, my hometown, and where Andrew Surzhynskyi and I founded Restream in 2015.

In the last 24 hours, we’ve received an outpouring of support from friends and colleagues, many inquiring about the safety of our team and ways they can help. Here’s an update on the two things Restream is doing today to support our employees and the people of Ukraine.

Employee safety

The safety of our teammates is always a top priority. Last month, we offered and arranged the relocation of our Ukraine-based employees and their families. Through the dedicated efforts of many teammates, this group, representing one-third of our workforce, is now relocated to safety.

Solidarity with Ukraine

To assist with humanitarian efforts, Restream is making a donation of $100K to Red Cross Ukraine. In addition, we’ve compiled a list of Ukraine-based and international organizations that are assisting those affected. I encourage you to check it out and make a contribution.

We are monitoring the situation closely and will continue doing what we can to work towards peace and safety.

Thank you for being part of the Restream family.

All the best,

Alex Khuda

Co-Founder and CEO

If you visit Restream’s “About” page, you’ll see this at the bottom:

Restream locations

As you pray for the Ukraine, pray for the “Tech heart” of Restream too.

Stand with the Ukraine… Read More

Is Jetpack Blocking the Ukrainian Flag?

Update (and this belongs at the top, so you read it first):

Glad to hear that Jetpack is not blocking anything with their CDN and kudos to them for their response! Read More

Kudos to the WTA

Kudos again to the Women’s Tennis Association:

Kudos to the Women’s Tennis Association

Update: Wow…

Original post…

There may be a sport that hasn’t sold its soul:

And here are a couple of formal statements from the WTA:

Kudos to the WTA.


Update: An article about the reaction to the original RedState article:

BTW, that article points out that the original article was a derivative of the original RedState piece, which might be this:

Acting Like You Have Something to Hide

If COVID-19 didn’t come from a lab, why was there so much effort put into making the discussion verboten?

P.S. We also have to stop treating scientists, doctors, and other “experts” like they aren’t human, and never have conflicts that affect their “expertise.”

Well, this Should Get My Blog Banned in China

This Is Disappointing


Update (related item):